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Are you going for a Wisdom teeth removal? Would you be afraid of the surgery right? Yes, the surgery is tedious and invasive, but it hardly requires less than 1 hour. The surgery gets easy if you take proper steps before wisdom teeth removal.

The day before the surgery is highly anxious since most of us fear the invasive procedure and its post-operative complications. To make the surgery successful and easy to carry out, we should take all the necessary steps for better treatment. Wisdom teeth removal is not rocket science, and you should not be afraid. According to research, every year, around 5 million people in the USA undergo wisdom tooth removal at some stage of their life. They are fine, and you should be too.

Steps to take before Wisdom Teeth Removal

You should follow these tips before wisdom teeth removal for an easy process and speedy recovery:

  1. Avoid Smoking – You should avoid smoking from 12-18 hours before the surgery as it can impact bleeding and the outcome of surgery.
  2. Avoid Alcohol – Want to get high? Don’t do that before surgery. Avoid alcohol atleast one day before the surgery.
  3. Avoid eating sticky foods – Avoid eating gummies, candies, or other sticky foods from the night before wisdom tooth removal.
  4. Avoid eating anything – Avoid eating or drinking anything after midnight on the day of surgery unless you have diabetes.
  5. Don’t Wear Makeup – You are going for surgery, and the hands of your dentist will ruin your fabulous makeup 😜 so better not to wear it.
  6. Wear loose clothes – Tight or skinny-fit clothes can stress you out during and before the surgical procedure. Wear loose clothes to help you be calm before and during the surgery.
  7. Avoid Lipsticks – The reason for not applying lipsticks is the same as wearing makeup.
  8. Disclose everything – You should disclose everything to your doctor since many medicines alter the treatment and outcome. Tell them all the medicines you take to your doctor. If you have allergies, you should list them. TIP – Make a list of allergies and drugs you take; the night before the surgery so you don’t miss anything.
  9. Take an adult with you – Doctors usually do Wisdom teeth removal under General anesthesia, and its effect last for several hours. A responsible adult will help you drive home and take care of you before and after the surgery.
  10. Fill up your grocery – This is extremely important yet ignored; remove all the sticky foods and fill your fridge with green veggies, yogurt, fruits & juices. Buy some Ice cream for yourself. You will need it after the wisdom tooth removal.
  11. Avoid Contact lenses – You should avoid wearing contact lenses during the surgery better use glasses. You will be under general anesthesia and won’t be able to watch out for your surgery, so you don’t need your contacts.

Bonus Tip  – Avoid taking stress. Stress is the worst enemy of any person; it can hinder the treatment and its outcome. Try meditation or talking to your friends while sitting in the waiting area. This can help you relieve the stress of the surgery. You should trust your dentist, and everything will be fine.

graphical image showing a man thinking is wisdom teeth removal necessary or not?

Is Wisdom teeth removal necessary?

The wisdom tooth is a very notorious tooth in our mouth and leads to many issues; At the same time, it has some minimal benefits. It can cause several dental diseases, such as Tooth abscess, Pericoronitis, Infection, Dental Caries, Tooth resorption, Pain in the Jaw, and much more.

Dentists prefer to remove the wisdom tooth as soon as it erupts in the mouth to avoid these issues. But is it necessary? While having so many problems, if the wisdom tooth erupts fully and straight in the mouth without affecting other teeth, it can be kept in the mouth. Otherwise, it becomes necessary to remove the wisdom tooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time wisdom teeth removal takes?

It usually takes around 45-60 mins. The treatment time can change based on the type of impaction and how the tooth erupts in the mouth.

Do I brush my teeth before wisdom tooth removal?

Yes! You have to brush & floss your teeth and clean your tongue before coming to the dental clinic.

Can I drink water before Wisdom teeth removal?

You should avoid eating or drinking anything before surgery. If you are highly anxious, then take a sip of water but no more than that.

How painful is wisdom teeth removal?

Doctors do Wisdom teeth removal usually under General Anesthesia (occasionally under local anesthesia). You won’t feel anything during the procedure.


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