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Bad breath/smell is a highly embarrassing situation and often has some underlying cause. A rotten tooth usually doesn’t give any smell, but in advanced cases, it can smell like poop. Rotten teeth can smell in multiple instances and give different smells.

Along with the smell, You can have a foul taste on the rotten tooth, which is also due to the same reason. Now the question arises why do rotten teeth smell? Let’s learn the science behind it.

why do rotten teeth smell?

Why do rotten teeth smell?

Yes, rotten teeth smell, but it is mainly the food lodged in the cavity formed in the tooth. The tooth is demineralized and forms a cavity in which food gets accumulates. Patients with bad and improper brushing habits cannot clean the cavity, due to which the bacteria in the rotten tooth feed on the food accumulated.

On having food stuck in the mouth for a longer time, it starts giving out the smell.

Plaque is also a reason for a foul smell in the mouth. When a person doesn’t brush for a long time, A thick layer of plaque is formed over teeth which give a pungent & foul smell.

What do rotten teeth smell like?

Rotten teeth usually smell like poop. You would think that why is it so? Firstly, we have to understand what is poop or human feces? When food is ingested, Our body absorbs all the vital nutrients, and the leftover part is ejected out and called poop.

The bacteria in the rotten teeth also do the same by feeding out on the stuck food particles and giving out waste that smells the same as poop. Sometimes, You would have noticed even when no rotten teeth are involved; Poor oral hygiene can also lead to a smell. This smell is often referred to as bad breath or halitosis.

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How to check

Let’s learn how to check whether your rotten teeth are smelling. The most common trick is to taste the rotten tooth; if it tastes terrible, it will also smell bad.

Another idea is to feel the rotten tooth with your finger for 5-6 seconds and smell the finger to check if it smells; then, the problem is with your rotten tooth. You can also place your hand in front of your mouth, pass air through it, and then smell it to confirm.

Dentists also smell your breath from your mouth and nose to diagnose halitosis/bad breath.

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Tips to prevent bad smell

To prevent a foul smell from your mouth, you must take extra care of it. You have to follow preventive measures such as:

  • Brushing twice daily
  • Gargle with plain water after every meal
  • Flossing regularly
  • Visit a dentist to get your rotten tooth treated and have scaling & root planning.

If the bad smell persists, then the reason can be some underlying disease, such as:

  1. GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease)
  2. Tonsillitis
  3. Sinus infection
  4. Abscess

A visit to a dentist is essential to get it treated.

Wrapping Up

Bad smell has multiple reasons and is hard to overcome. Taking preventive measures from the start is much easier than getting it treated. Regular dental visits and concern about it are the best approaches to keep the foul smell at bay.

One should understand that rotten teeth are not the only reason for the bad smell, but they can affect your breath.