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Rotten teeth hurt more and more as the disease progresses, but why is so? Why do rotten teeth hurt? What is the reason behind it, and how to subside it? Rotten teeth do not hurt in their primary stages, but as the rotting progresses, it can hurt so much that you wish to get the tooth out of your mouth as soon as possible.

woman holding her mouth due to rotten teeth pain

When do rotten teeth start hurting?

A rotting tooth is divided into five stages based on the extent of the decay. A tooth starts hurting only after 3rd stage of rotting teeth, i.e., dentin involvement. You can read about the stages of rotten teeth here.

The outermost covering of the tooth, i.e., enamel, doesn’t comprise nerve endings. Still, its inner layer of dentin and pulp has nerve endings. Thus, In the initial stages, when the enamel is rotting, it doesn’t hurt. But as soon as dentin starts rotting, It irritates the nerve endings, causing pain. 

Due to lesser nerve endings, there is less pain in the 3rd stage. The pulp is the most nerve-rich part of the tooth. When it is infected, The pain is excruciating, constant, and so intense that an individual cannot bear it.

Is tooth decay pain constant?

Tooth decay pain is constant only after the pulp of rotting teeth is involved. Before pulpal involvement, The rotten teeth only hurt on intake of hot or cold beverages, and it subsides as soon as the stimuli are removed.

When the rotting teeth involve pulp, the pain is constant, excruciating, and remains even if no stimuli are present.

Will a rotten tooth eventually come out?

In most cases, a rotten tooth eventually falls out on its own. Still, sometimes it doesn’t happen, and the infection goes beyond the tooth, forming an abscess.

An abscess can be very painful, and most individuals cannot bear it. Thus, getting the tooth treated by the dentist ASAP is essential.

Other reasons for Toothache

There are other reasons for a toothache apart from rotting teeth, such as:

  1. Tooth Abscess
  2. Cracked tooth
  3. Tooth dislocation
  4. Pulp polyps
  5. Swollen gums
  6. Ulcers

How to relieve rotten teeth pain

Rotten teeth pain temporarily subsides by home remedies or medicine, but it cannot treat the disease.

These are temporary solutions to subside tooth pain. If you are experiencing intense pain and cannot visit a doctor, then only follow these steps. Else visiting a dentist is the best possible solution.

  1. Clove – Placing a clove over the rotten teeth numbs the nerves and reduces pain. It helps to control the pain till you visit a certified dentist.
  2. Warm Salt Water – Gargling with warm water with salt relieves Toothache.
  3. Ice – Cold compressing with ice also numbs the portion where it is applied to relieve the Toothache.
  4. Anti-inflammatory drugs – Drugs like Ibuprofen relieves Toothache, but you should only buy them when prescribed by a doctor.

These are temporary solutions to relieve tooth pain and are not meant to replace a dentist’s treatment.

Is it necessary to visit a dentist?

In most cases, Dentists provide the best treatment, and it is necessary to visit a dentist to treat your rotten tooth. Seeing a dentist as soon as you feel pain or something unusual inside your mouth would be best.

Patient visiting dentist for regular dental checkup

Visiting a dentist every six months helps diagnose a rotting tooth in its initial stages when it is less painful and cheaper to treat. The treatment costs increase with the increase in the intensity of infection.

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