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Rotten teeth are the most common oral disease all over the world. It affects people from all age groups. Treating rotten teeth at the early stages is much easier than in its later stages. Thus, It’s essential to learn about the signs of Rotten teeth.

One should learn about the signs of Rotten teeth to check if they also have a rotten tooth or if it is just a discoloration or some other problem in the mouth. However, one should get it checked by a certified dentist to get a proper diagnosis.

How to check if you have rotten teeth

There are multiple signs of Rotten teeth, which patients ignore at the early stages till it reaches the advanced and more painful stage. Here are the seven signs of Rotten teeth.

Bad breath

Bad breath, also known as Halitosis, is the most common sign of rotten teeth. The leading cause of rotten teeth is the accumulation of decay-causing bacteria like Streptococcus mutans.

Bacteria cultivate on teeth when there is a lack of oral hygiene, leading to bad breath. When oral hygiene is not maintained correctly, A layer of plaque is formed over the teeth on which the bacteria cultivates.

The bacterial colonization leads to a foul smell in the mouth.

How to check bad breath

The most common way to do this is by placing your hand over your mouth. Then, Blow out air from your mouth and smell your hand, as shown in the image below.

Picture of woman showing how to smell for bad breath

If there is a bad smell of stale food or human feces, your oral hygiene is not good, and you are most likely to have rotten teeth.

Food Accumulation

When teeth are rotten, the tooth surface de-mineralization occurs, forming pits and fissures over the tooth surface.

When we chew food, The food gets into the pits and fissures and sticks there. Multiple occurrences of food getting stuck in the mouth signify Rotten teeth.

Blackish brown discoloration of teeth

When a tooth is infected by the bacteria and starts to rot, The outer whitish-colored enamel is destroyed, exposing the inner yellowish surface.

This yellowish surface turns blackish brown when directly exposed to the mouth. Thus, If you see black-colored teeth, it can be a sign of rotten teeth.


Sensitivity can be due to many reasons apart from rotten teeth. Whenever the nerve endings of teeth are directly exposed in the mouth, It causes sensitivity to the tooth. It can be due to improper brushing, trauma to the mouth, or teeth rotting.

Sensitivity to hot & cold food

It can be a sign of rotten teeth if you get sharp chills when eating hot and cold food. The hot & cold food directly stimulates the exposed nerve endings causing severe chills.

Sensitivity to sweet foods

Sweet food can also cause sensitivity if you have a rotten tooth. It also leads to pain lasting 2-3 minutes or for a longer time, depending on the severity of the tooth decay.

Pain in teeth

You can have pain in the tooth when it rots to advanced stages. During the initial stages, The pain is for lesser time and only when you intake cold or sweet food.

In the advanced stages of rotten teeth, You will have pain for a longer time, and it will not subside quickly.

The feeling of a Hole in the tooth

When a tooth rots, The outer surface is destroyed, and it keeps destroying inside out, forming a hole in the tooth. You can quickly feel the hole in the tooth with your tongue or by placing a finger on the tooth.

Soft feeling on the tooth

As we all know, the teeth surface is rigid, but when it rots, The hard surface starts destroying and makes it feel soft. You can quickly feel it by placing your tongue over it.

Bad taste

When you place your tongue over rotten teeth, It gives a bad taste because of bacterial colonization.

When to see a dentist?

If you find any 4-5 signs from these seven signs, it indicates rotten teeth. You should surely visit a dentist to get it checked.

If you have high sensitivity to hot, cold, or sweet food, a dental checkup is required to find the underlying cause.

Experiencing sharp pain in a tooth is also an indication of a dental emergency that requires an immediate visit to the dentist.

Apart from this, Everyone should have a regular dental checkup every six months for better oral care. If you want a rotten tooth fixed, book an appointment with us on our contact us page.