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Is it okay to date someone with rotten teeth or bad oral hygiene? What are the risks involved in it? Relationships are the building blocks for a person’s life, and getting into a good and healthy relationship is very important. The oral hygiene of a person tells many things about their personality.

What do rotten teeth tell about a person’s life?

Rotten teeth are directly linked to poor oral hygiene. Dating someone with rotten teeth indicates that the person is not good at taking care of their hygiene. Poor hygiene can also lead to other health issues apart from oral diseases.

Rotten teeth can be a red flag in dating as they show how much your partner cares about their appearance. However, Poor oral hygiene is not the only cause of rotten teeth. Maybe the person is undergoing radiotherapy or has some other disease like Dry mouth which also causes rotten teeth.

Risks involved in dating someone with rotten teeth

Dating a guy or girl with rotten teeth can also be a problem for you. It can lead to an exchange of bacteria and infection by kissing. Many diseases can be transmitted from one person to another by direct contact or kissing.

Multiple Rotten teeth also lead to headaches and mild illnesses, so be ready to take care of your partner all the time.

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Are rotten teeth contagious?

Yes, Rotten teeth are contagious—the risk of getting rotten teeth increases when you come in direct contact with an already affected person. The bacteria responsible for rotten teeth can travel by lip kiss, and a lack of oral hygiene can also develop rotten teeth in your mouth.

The most common way of catching rotten teeth from an infected person is by kissing and sharing food.

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Is periodontitis contagious?

Periodontitis is not contagious, but the bacteria responsible for it can travel by direct kissing. It can travel in saliva and reach you, This doesn’t mean that you are at immediate risk of getting periodontitis, but the bacteria cultivate in your mouth over time if not taken care of.

How vital are teeth in dating?

Teeth are the most highlighted part of our face after eyes. They show the person’s personality, and bad teeth decrease Self-confidence. While dating, One should always notice the dental hygiene of your partner, as many dental diseases like rotten teeth are contagious and will affect you from them.

Poor oral hygiene is a bad practice, and you should avoid dating a person with it. People with poor oral hygiene look highly unattractive, and you would eventually lose interest in having close contact with them. Poor oral hygiene also leads to bad breath (Halitosis), gum diseases, or periodontitis.

Bad teeth are not a problem that can’t be solved. It just requires attention, and if your partner cannot give attention to them, how would you expect them to give attention to you?